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  • Sara Johnson

Digital Distractions

These days you can find numerous articles debating whether or not digital devices have been disastrous to our attention span and ability to deeply focus on one thing at a time. If you can make your way through the articles - because of, you know, distractions - you may walk away with bigger questions.

Let's break it down for you (cliffnotes version seems appropriate here): it's likely our devices alongside social media culture have impacted our ability to focus. Add this to a feeling of being eternally so busy and strangely enough our productivity is hindered not increased.

The real question of digital distractions is not is it real, but instead: what can I do to improve my focus? An article in Forbes has suggestions ranging from morning exercise and fasting to specific dietary supplements that improve brain function. However, the suggestion that appeals most is the simplest of all: set small daily goals.

Distractions are delightfully tempting when our stress and feeling of being overwhelmed is heightened. If you can approach your work and your deliverables from a "one step at a time" mindset and break your big, overwhelming to-do list, into small manageable action steps, it can make a world of difference.

Combining a new perspective - that one seemingly small step at a time is to your benefit - honors the daily path towards your grand vision. If you are feeling distracted, rethinking how you manage that growing to do list is a great first step to keep distractions at a distance.

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